Brenna Leech

Faculty at University of Oregon

Why do you want to be on the board?

To bring this vision to life, to share in the powerful connection that Latin dance brings, to grow as a person and to create community.

Professional, Cultural, and Dance Background

Dance Instructor since 2020
Business Coach since 2017 (coached over 100 startups and small businesses)
Venture Analyst at multiple firms across Asia and the Pacific Northwest
Innovation Consultant, supporting largescale energy, agriculture, and timber firms reimagine their approach to innovation
Air Force Intelligence
Dancing fusion since 2015 and Latin Dance since 2017


MBA, University of Oregon
Masters of Nonprofit Management, University of Oregon
Masters Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Oregon
Masters Certificate in Advanced Strategy and Leadership, University of Oregon
Undergraduate Cadet 2016, US Air Force Academy
Wilderness First Responder Certified

Leadership, Energy, Strategic Design